Vulnerability and All Its Friends

Dear Vulnerability, 

I hate you.  Some of the time.  Most of the time.  Or never.  I’m not sure which.  

With regards, 



Such a difficult and beautiful concept.  

Capable of being hurt.  Open to attack.  Able to be wounded.  

Cheery bunch, aren’t they?  But what about these – 

Authentic.  Honest. A safe space. Truthful.  Hopeful. 

I like those so much more. I know I write about these concepts a lot, but they’re so much a part of my life right now.  When I’m vulnerable with the people I love most, with the people who have so graciously invited me into their lives and given me a safe space to just be, to just share and process and enjoy time with everyone, I am so grateful.  

It’s never easy.  But it is so worth it.  And so lovely… 

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