Loving the Delete Key

It’s there… for accidental e’s in place of i’s.  An extra letter in the word accidentall. 

It’s the delete key!


That totally underappreciated, often-abandoned key. It’s there to keep me from looking completely stupid when I actually do publish something for public consumption. 

And so I love the delete key. 

But then there are other days.  The days that I write perfectly typed out words, ordered correctly and written out after hours and days and weeks of work.   They’re on the page! They’re finished!  And they’re 100% wrong.

They all need to be deleted from the pages that will eventually go out into the world.

And so I hate the delete key all at the same time. 

We all get into face-offs with our delete key.  A good writer knows when to hit delete OR when to just lean into what’s already on the page and own it.  Writing is never, ever just sitting down and writing a stunning first draft that will immediately become a shooting draft. These are things I’m still learning.

I usually have to get everything on the page to even see what I have to work with.  I assume that my first three or four drafts won’t ever exist outside of my computer. And then I share it with a few close friends and fellow writers.  And then I go through another draft. And another and another.  And then sometimes I start completely over. Sometimes I delete things I shouldn’t have.  But I have to try. I have to delete.

Writing is HARD some days. 

But every draft means I’m one step closer to sending things out. I’m one step closer to a finished product that I’m thrilled with.

So go ahead, love that delete key.  It only makes things better.


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