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Let’s just talk for a second about how much I love that Hillary Clinton has a sense of humor about herself, her accomplishments and her life.

I know the internet exploded and everyone started talking about her bio when her Twitter went live.  And with good reason… her bio is awesome on every level.

My very favorite piece of her entire bio comes from this:


Because seriously – if there’s anyone in the world who might possibly be able to look at her life and say: Okay, I’ve accomplished some pretty amazing things… I could probably take it easy for a bit, it would be her.  

Instead, she’s publicly announcing that she’s not perfect. (Perfect by it’s very definition seems to include finished.)

She’s publicly announcing that she’s incomplete – and it’s a moment of strength for her. 

Politics aside – there’s something really awesome about the idea of living life with a TBD at the end of your bio.

There’s always something more coming, just around the corner.

You’re not done learning yet.  You’re not done growing.

Your very worst mistakes don’t have to live as the final word on your life. You get tomorrow to start fresh.

You’re still to be determined…

What are you going to do with that? 

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