So So Far South

so so far south

I woke up this morning to a sound I couldn’t quite identify.  It sounded familiar, though… Wait a minute. 


Oh my… I love the rain so so so much.  It took everything in me to not run outside immediately and just stand in the gloriousness of it all.  It so rarely rains in LA that it almost feels like a treat.  It’s all beautiful and cloudy, and I’m so glad we went to Simon’s Town yesterday for lunch and to see across the bays.  Oh, and there were wild penguins.  For reals.

My favorite part of yesterday was in our drive… We were looking out over the Indian Ocean – all gorgeous and expansive.  And then the road curved away from the ocean and we went up over a hill.  Two minutes later, the ocean appeared again – stretching out again as far as you could see.

Except this was the Atlantic Ocean.

Holy crap, I am really really really far south.  

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