sci-fi stories.

i'm a sci-fi girl at heart with a particular focus on time travel stories and the way the world changes over time. (hello, futuristic stories!)

girl-with-gun stories.

my stories are usually female-driven, because girls who are out to save the world are awesome! chances are good, any female character of mine has a gun strapped to her leg and the CIA or MI-6 in her earbud...

food. community. travel.

and the rest of the time, i'm writing here on my blog -- i want to create a space for other creative types to come and talk and be encouraged and be reminded that in this crazy creative life – YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I write a lot about creativity, art, writing, travel, coffee and the people who inspire me. It’s kind of my thing

tumblr_lmnze5bljR1qjx6zz Ingrid Michaelson’s “The Way I Am” I’m loving this song right...

12th Jun

Wait Here…. New Blog Coming Soon

WordPress is no more… Welcome to the new and freshly updated blog...

10th Jun
Wait Here…. New Blog Coming Soon