sci-fi stories.

i'm a sci-fi girl at heart with a particular focus on time travel stories and the way the world changes over time. (hello, futuristic stories!)

girl-with-gun stories.

my stories are usually female-driven, because girls who are out to save the world are awesome! chances are good, any female character of mine has a gun strapped to her leg and the CIA or MI-6 in her earbud...

food. community. travel.

and the rest of the time, i'm writing here on my blog -- i want to create a space for other creative types to come and talk and be encouraged and be reminded that in this crazy creative life – YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I write a lot about creativity, art, writing, travel, coffee and the people who inspire me. It’s kind of my thing

My 36-Hour Day

I’ve said it over and over and over… mostly as a joke...

02nd Oct

Surviving Comic Con (A How-To Guide)

There are things no one tells you about Comic Con, because it’s kind of like asking about Disneyland.

25th Jul

50 Ideas. 5 Days. Go!

Now, lest you think I am some sort of story genius with ideas just pouring out of me all the time... It's true! It's all true! I am a genius!!! (*goes mad with power*) Just kidding.

30th Jun

The World Cup and Life Off-Planet

We come together around our common stories.

16th Jun

The Fault in Our Stars

And so, Hazel Grace Lancaster will always be living among the pages of a book and in the frames of a film... and we will love her for it.

13th Jun

I Would Have Died…

  I moved to this beautiful, brutal city in February of 2008. ...

30th May

Who Are Your People?

It’s all about COMMUNITY. No, not that one. (Although — while we’re...

12th May

The Art of Being Rejected Without Dying

No, thanks.  It’s not for us.  We’re going to pass.  Life as...

05th May

The Whiskey’s Mine

It happens all the time. Luke and I went out for a...

01st May

Loving the Delete Key

It’s there… for accidental e’s in place of i’s.  An extra letter...

28th Apr