Monday Mornings…



Good morning, Monday!

This is me, being super-positive, because sometimes Mondays scare the hell out of me.  Where did my weekend just go?  I’m really sure that ten seconds ago was Friday night, and I had a list of 100 things I was going to accomplish this weekend. I can’t accomplish 100 things in 10 seconds!  Are you kidding me??? 

Monday, you stole my weekend from me!!! 

Oh, wait.  No you didn’t.

I slept a lot.  I wrote a lot.  I dreamed about being at the ocean. I had deep conversations with Luke in the middle of the night when our new neighbors were LOUDLY moving in to an apartment next to us.  (Just in case you’re wondering, 1am is not an appropriate time to move a couch into your apartment.  Now you know.)  We had dinner with friends at Cheebo last night. I took a 4 hour nap on Saturday.  (I think I might be exhausted.)  I listened to the new Daft Punk album.  I did laundry. (Hey, it’s important!)

There are a lot of things I couldn’t do this weekend. (I blame surgery recovery. Sigh. I seriously miss all you amazing people.)

I actually had a pretty great weekend, it turns out. 

I think this Monday should actually be the start of something brand new and awesome.

What about you?

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