Holly Lovell

My friend Holly released her EP yesterday!  

Yeah, she’s kind of amazing.  🙂  

It’s so fun to see everything come back around full circle like this.  I knew Holly through her parents – the amazing Tim & Donna – who were a big part of my life when I was growing up and (very slowly) coming into my own in those super awkward teen years, running around doing my own music and being a part of 13th Hour.  

And now, I’ve listened to Holly’s music from afar for the past few years (seriously, Holly would post a new concert clip on YouTube and my Facebook feed would be: Twelve friends have posted this video in the last hour… Thirteen… Fourteen...)   We connected in Denver over Christmas, and it’s always so great to have fellow artists and creative types reminding you that you’re not alone in all of the craziness… You totally help push each other forward.  (This also reminds me!  I need to tell you about the book The Crowd, The Critic and The Muse… another blog for another time…) 

And now I can share Holly’s music with you!   Yay!  

For everything – you can check it out here ——>  Holly Lovell


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