my story (& faq).

All about Lynn Renee Maxcy, in 9 questions and 1000 words or less!

Your whole story? 1000 words or less?  Check it — under 800 to be exact! BOOM! I’m really glad you’re here. Say hi, won’t you?

So who are you?  I’m Lynn, and I am a kickass tv and film writer. And in my off-time, I’m a traveler up to my eyeballs in adventures.  My stories are futuristic sci-fi and girl-with-gun stories (and sometimes futuristic girl-with-time-machine-AND-gun stories, just to keep you on your toes).  Interested? Talk to these awesome people.

My adventures in tv and film have included the worlds of:

THE HANDMAID’S TALE (Hulu, Channel 4) – Season One and Season Two and Season Three are all available!  My episode, “The Other Side” is here! My episode “After” is here!  And my episode “Heroic” is here!

THE COMPLEX, a brand new interactive feature for Mac and PC, Playstation, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch!

Plus COVERT AFFAIRS (check out my episode Trompe Le Monde !) ALPHASEUREKAHeyday Films and more. I also occasionally write for magazines, branded content marketing and have just ventured into the world of writing for the stage (more details coming soon!) ::

Plus COVERT AFFAIRS, ALPHAS, EUREKA, Heyday Films and more. I also occasionally write for magazines, branded content marketing – and I’ve just ventured into the world of writing for the stage (more details coming soon!)::

Why writing? I was eight when I wrote my first story as a school assignment. I still have it, printed out and illustrated by my little eight-year-old hands. I fell in love with writing that moment, and now — I write because if I don’t write, my head will explode with the stories.

It looks like your imdb is pretty tv-centric. Why specifically tv?  First – it is flat-out addictive to work with a team dreaming up a story & bringing it to life with all the team’s talents, and then have your BFF call you two months later to say: I’m watching that episode right now!  Trust me, as someone with experience in the feature world, two months from story conception to finished product on-air is THE BEST.

Next, I love being in a writers room on a tv show with a whole group of other amazing, creative, wonderful writers.  For as much as writers get the rap of being hermits alone with our typewriters… I am such a people person, and getting to create with others is awesome.

And, in tv you get the chance to spend 100+ hours with your characters. That’s a lot of time, a lot of story, and a lot of time to call back to character developments that you peppered in throughout the first seasons.  It’s my favorite way of telling a story and it’s just the way my brain works.

If you could live anywhere, where would you live?  This feels like a question you ask on a first date. Is this a first date?  I am a girl of two cities: London and  LA.   My heart comes alive in both cities, and I’m ridiculously lucky that I’ve been able to split my time between my dream cities!   ::

Why do you blog? Why do you read it? For fun! I want to create a space for other creative types to come and talk and be encouraged and be reminded that in this crazy creative life – YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  I write here and on Instagram a lot about creativity, science, art, writing, coffee and the people who inspire me.  It’s kind of my thing ::

Do we love the same tv shows? If you love a tv show, I probably do too! I love lots of shows for SO many reasons. Currently —  Schitt’s CreekFleabag, LegionOutlander, The Magicians,  and American Gods are appointment-TV for me.  I watch Doctor Who over and over. The West Wing, Alias and Eureka made me want to write for television. Battlestar Galactica is a master class in how to write a space opera, and one of the most brilliant tv shows. Ever. Mad Men will always be one of my great TV loves. Halt and Catch Fire, Orphan Black and Fringe are some of my lifetime favorites. And then there are my favorite TV episodes ever. That conversation could take a while.  What do YOU love? What should I be watching?

Anything else should we know about you?  Again with the first date questions!  (Just kidding!)  Coffee is the way to my heart. (Ask the love of my life how we met. For real.)  I love old movies, new crayons, time travel stories, good wine, books, making fancy dinners for friends, the click-click-click of my keyboard, uncynical love, early mornings, creating community, Christmas lights, second chances and space operas ::

There are such amazing things on the horizon.  I can’t even wait to tell you about all of them!  stay tuned ::

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  1. Hello Friend,
    Just saw your blog, thought I’d send you a hello. You look so happy, and I hope you are well. Best wishes in all your endeavors.

    Laura 🙂

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