3 in the morning…

– Did you know there is such a thing as 3 in the morning?? 

There is. 

And I know that, because I’m sitting at my kitchen table watching my computer clock click past 3:15. 

It’s one of those nights.  

I can honestly say it doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes you just wake up, you know?  And that’s madness.  I tried the ever-popular just go back to sleep trick.  No dice.  Then, because my brain was starting to spin and get ready for the day like it was 6am, I had the idea that I should probably read for a while.  So I popped out my iPad and started clicking through my favorite (and here unnamed) food blog.  

Mistake #2 of the day.  

It’s a great blog – and I will definitely mention it later.  But not here.  Because otherwise it sounds a little too much like, “Hey, here’s the blog to read when you never ever want to sleep again!”  And that would just be sad.  

This is the blog you read when you want to be so completely inspired and take risks with what happens in your kitchen.  I’m figuring out ways to combine coconut and avocado.  I’ve been making scones and quick jams like they’re going out of style.  I made my first three-layer cake last week.  I want to make my own ketchup. And rosemary syrup.  And gluten-free bread.  And corn tortillas. And homemade veggie sushi.  I want to eat chickpeas and avocados and arugula and scrambled eggs until the day I die.  I’m on a roll… and so I read this (unnamed) blog. I started making notes for Sunday lunch.  I started googling crazy ideas like marinara with peanuts and lime. (I’ve had it… thank you, Marcus Samuelsson.  Unbelievably good.  You have to try it. If I can find the recipe online, I’ll post it.  I’d also like to reiterate it is amazing! *) 

I’m blogging about a blog. 

This is why I don’t usually blog at 3am.  


My head is so full of dreams right now.  Big ones.  Little ones.  Quirky weird ones.  

Ones that look like the end of my first book.  Ones that look like a brand new pilot or two with a character named Eli Rain.  Ones that look like Africa.  Ones that look like the end of my season on Alphas.  It’s kind of scary to end a show.  You never know what’s coming just around the corner. And I have loved every moment of being on Alphas.  But there’s something new on its way. And I love living in the anticipation of my next adventure.  Makes it that much more awesome when I take that first official adventure-step.  

I just re-subscribed to a local CSA here, and my first box of 20 pounds of organic fruits and vegetables will be here on Sunday afternoon.  ($30 including delivery?  Come on now…)  

What am I going to do with 20 pounds of vegetables??? 

This is when you have people over for dinner.  Or brunch.  Or whatever bizarre meal you eat at 4 in the afternoon alongside your coconut coffee. 

Awesome friends.  Good food.  Good wine.  I think we have a winner.  

I want my feature script to sell.  I think it might just do that shortly… 

I want to sit by the pool for an entire afternoon and drink homemade blueberry italian soda.  I want to just enjoy the moment.  I want to get a little bit sunburned because I fell asleep by the pool listening to neighborhood kids laugh and love their summer.  

I want to write new music and sing with friends of mine in some tiny club where people drink old fashioneds and brandy. I miss being in a band.  

I want to be a part of whatever crazy thing God’s doing in Los Angeles.  Because he loves this place even more than I do, and honestly?  That’s hard to imagine…  I’m in love with my city. 

I want to stop freaking out about gluten-free baking and just get in there and get up to my elbows in rice flour cookies with roasted peaches and chocolate chips.  Are those a thing?  I just made them up.  If not, there should be.**

It’s 3a.m. and all’s well.  

Just thought you wonderful people who are asleep right now would like to know.  

Even in the midst of crazy, adventure is coming… Happy Friday!! 



*mental notes for later! 

** [UPDATE!] surely these can be made with rice flour, substituting chocolate chips for the raisins. Thank you, internets…


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