Ruby Sparks

My initial thoughts on Ruby Sparks?  

I’ve officially added a typewriter to my Christmas wish list.  And Elliot Gould would be the greatest therapist ever… how can we make this happen more?  Paul Dano as a romantic lead -never thought I’d see the day.  He looks like the loner writer who can’t quite get a handle on the real, scary world outside his window, and so it somehow works.  Chris Messina and Paul Dano look nothing alike… This fact cannot be overstated.  Annette Bening brings this intensity and life to every character she plays, and I adore her for that.

Now that we’ve gotten those out of the way…

Wow.  Can I just say wow? 

On the surface, Ruby Sparks is this sweetly bizarre little movie about a boy who wishes hisCalvin dream girl into existence.  It’s the story of a writer whose character is so real to him that she becomes real to everyone else.  (There were hints of 2006’s Stranger than Fiction along the way.)   It’s the story of a family worried for their slightly-off-his-rocker son.

Zoe Kazan (who’s also the writer of this film) seems poised to take over the Zooey Deschanel/Kirsten Dunst/Natalie Portman manic pixie dream girl mantle.  Her character, especially at the beginning, seems slightly plastic.  Too perfect.

But that’s the point.

Ruby Sparks

If you’re going to create your dream girl, she better be perfect. 

But here’s where the movie takes a (really brilliant) turn.  The story’s not about Calvin trying to explain exactly how this beautiful girl turned up in his life.  He lets his brother in on the secret, but everyone else in his life seems thrilled and a little relieved that he finally has someone.  They welcome her into their homes and into their lives without a second thought.  If Calvin loves you, we love you. He locks away the pages, determined to never write another word about her again.  She can stay, just as she is.

But Ruby becomes real.  

She becomes human.  She wants her own life.  Her own friends.  Her own time.  She doesn’t just want her life to be folded up into Calvin’s life.  And Calvin comes up against his deepest, darkest fear.  What if no one, not even his own creation, wants to be with him?  He still has all the power, though.  So he keeps editing her. Perfect keeps changing, like a moving target, and he’s trying desperately to keep up. And so we watch as he devolves into a controlling, narcissistic freak show…

I won’t go into spoilers here, but one scene in particular has enough emotional trauma to make you want to throw up.  But it serves its purpose well.  We’re all human.  Trying to control someone to make them perfect is the fastest way to destroy a relationship.

There really is something to that old adage – If you love something, set it free. 

Ruby Sparks isn’t the sparkliest of summer films.  For all of its magic and suspension of disbelief it requires, there’s something real and raw under the surface.

Love requires faith.  Trust.  The freedom to choose to be with this person.  Or not.

I think Zoe Kazan is on to something…


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In Real Life

What I Want My Desk to Look Like... – This is my blog, the place I scribble all sorts of thoughts and dreams.  Hopes.  Fears.  

I talk about where I’ve worked.  Where I’ve traveled.  I talk about crayons and inspiration.  I talk about Christmastime and Doctor Who.  

People I’ve met.  People I want to meet.  

But here’s the thing…  

It’s so simple for me to be incredibly selective about what I write here.  I write the shiny pieces of life, for the most part.  Road trips.  Meeting my heroes.  Geeking out at Comic Con.  

Partially inspired by Joy the Baker’s post on sweet biscuits and a messy kitchen, I’d like have a super-honest moment…    

Sometimes nothing comes out the way I want it to. 

I totally destroyed a batch of scones the other day, because I got carried away with it and thought that half a cup of cream cheese wouldn’t really make a difference in how the scones turned out.  Fail.  Sometimes I eat cereal for dinner because I just don’t want to make anything else.  

Sometimes I spend a ton of time rewriting a project only to get a million notes back from everyone.  Sometimes I have no idea what story I should tell next. Sometimes I forget to call people back.  Or I miss a text message and don’t see it for three days.  Sometimes I drink five cups of coffee a day so I can keep going.  Sometimes having a blog freaks me out because I am convinced that today will finally be the day I have no more words to share. Only now hundreds or thousands of people are going to see it. 

What My Desk Usually Looks Like...

I freak out about the future.  I have no idea what one year or five years from now is going to look like.

Life’s never perfect.  But I just wanted you to know that you’re not alone.  

Sometimes life is messy and overcaffeinated.   

And that’s just the way it is… 

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Alphas Season Premiere!

– Hi friends!  

Curious as to where I’ve been spending the last several months of my life?? Check it out… 

It has been a crazy wild ride for sure (including a whirlwind trip to Comic Con) – but I think you’re going to love the season!  We’re all really proud of it… and I am soooo glad I got to be a part of it! 

Tune in to Syfy tonight – 10/9c.  

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Eureka’s Finale

– You want to know the easiest way to exhaust yourself beyond all reason?  Plan your wedding and get married while you’re still in college.  In finals week.  While trying to out-plan a blizzard that’s clearly on the weather forecast.  

I like to do things big, clearly… 


I was sitting in my mom and dad’s basement, scouring iTunes for William Joseph’s “Within” for the wedding.  And up popped a recommendation for a brand new SciFi show (back when it still was the SciFi channel) – a show about an everyman sheriff and the town of geniuses he finds his way to.  

That’s how I found Eureka

I downloaded it and watched it.  Then I watched it again. And again.  I loved it. And I had the craziest thought – Someone does this for a living.  Someone tells stories on television. 

And then another crazy thought.  That would be amazing…

…I’m going to do that one day. 

Now, for a college student sitting in Colorado with only the vaguest of plans to maybe one day move to California… it was an idea too big to even comprehend.  

But I got married.  I finished college.  I moved to LA, following my husband and his big life  dreams.  And then I found my own way into tv.  A thousand crazy happenings later, Luke met Nina and John.  And then I did.  And another thousand crazy happenings later, Nina and John got staffed on Eureka.  They brought me with them. 

In my interview with two of the executive producers, they asked me if I watched the show. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out a way to say “Eureka’s one of the shows that made me want to work in television” without totally sounding like I was brown-nosing it.  

So sometimes, you just admit it.  

They still hired me. 

It was a whirlwind being on the last season of such a brilliant show.  It’s exactly the genre I write in.  I met some of my favorite people on the planet working on the show.  For reals, I adore them all.  I followed half the writing staff over to Alphas.  

Tonight is the series finale… “Just Another Day”.  And the end of a beautifully circular story in my life.  I’ll be watching it surrounded by all of my Eureka peeps, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.  

Sometimes you get to work with your heroes…  and it’s a fabulous thing.  

The finale airs tonight on Syfy at 9/8c.  I promise it’s worth it. 


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Surviving Comic Con (A How-To Guide)

Comic Con!

Comic Con 2012 was a smashing success! 

There are things no one tells you about Comic Con, because it’s kind of like asking about Disneyland.  No one tells you about how long they stood in line or how much time they spent staring at the map when they should have been sprinting to make it to yet another showing of Abraham Lincoln. Because who wants to hear that when you can talk about Space Mountain and pizza in Tomorrowland or Indiana Jones and your third Dole Pineapple Whip of the day?  (Just me?  Where was I?  Back to Comic Con…)   So I’m going to try to help you out here. 

1. You are going to stand in line.  For a LONG time. It’s worth it.

This morning, Luke and I (and friends) stood 4000+ people back in line for Hall H – home of fantastic panels like FRINGE… and most importantly… DOCTOR WHO!  Doctor Who!

There were people who camped out overnight.  Our 3+ hours in line = a cakewalk. It’s just par for the course if you really want to see specific panels or exhibitions or film clips or you just want to stare at Matt Smith see your geek favorites.  

Get used to the lines.  Love the lines.  It’s worth it. Seriously, though.  You’re standing next to people who love exactly the same tv show/movie/comic book that you do.  Make a new friend!  Bring a backpack and snacks to share.  You’ll totally be the cool kid in the lunchroom whose mom packed the good desserts while everyone else is stuck with squishy day-old turkey.  

2. Accept that you won’t get to see everything you wanted to see.  It makes you love the things you do get to see. 

This is coming from the girl who couldn’t make it to the Firefly panel.  It just happens sometimes, and that’s okay.  Plan as best you can, and just run with it.  Make better plans for next year. And take tons of pictures in the panels you do get into.  Enjoy it!  

3. Sit in on random panels.  You might be in for a surprise or two! 

Nathan Fillion, Sarah Wayne Callies, Liam McIntyreNow, stopping for another moment of truth.  Sometimes, in order to get into a later panel in the day, it means you have to sit through the three panels beforehand.  (They don’t clear the room in between panels at Comic Con.  Once you’re in the room, you’re in.)   Yesterday, while waiting for the Alphas panel in the shiny and beautiful Indigo Ballroom, the moderator got up and announced the TV Guide panel.  Thrilling stuff. But there was no way on earth I was missing Alphas, so TV Guide it was.  (Is there even a TV Guide anymore?  Does anyone still watch that channel?)  And then Joel McHale of Community and The Soup walked in.  And Liam McIntyre from Spartacus. And Maggie Q from Nikita. And Sarah Wayne Callies from The Walking Dead.  And Jasika Nicole from Fringe. And did I mention Matt Smith and Nathan Fillion?  It was a fantastic panel and I am SO glad that I just happened to be there.  

And today, I was in Hall H for the Fringe panel at 10am.  And I have been waiting for a year to get into the Doctor Who panel at 12:30 since I couldn’t make it last year (again, see #2). I wouldn’t have missed either of those panels for the world.  But, in between was the Supernatural panel, a show I just haven’t had a chance to watch.  But after today’s panel, I’m seriously going to get Season 1 and start watching.  The panel was hilarious, and it made me want to give the show a try.  I’m so excited for it! 

See?  You never know… 

4. “Cosplay” = all the awesome costumes around you. 

That’s like Comic Con 101.  If you have to ask someone what ‘cosplay’ means, you’ll definitely get the “Who are you and why are you at Comic Con?” look.  So now you know. You’re welcome.

5. Doctor Who. TARDIS. Felicia Day.  The Guild. Firefly. Star Trek. Tribbles. Star Wars. Buffy. JJ Abrams. Jane Espenson. Battlestar Galactica. Geek and Sundry. Summer Glau. The angels have the phonebox.  Chris Hardwick. The Nerdist. Lord of the Rings.

Chris HardwickComic Con 201.  Learn, young Jedi, learn.  It will keep you from asking questions like, “What’s a sonic screwdriver?” in front of 4000 Whovians who will eat your heart out if you mess with their show.  And I like you, readers.  No getting your heart ripped out.  You need to come back!  (And that’s a whole other show anyway…) 

As seems to be the theme of this blog, you never know what you’re going to discover.  

6.  Be ridiculous.  Wear the hat.  Paint your face.  Let your geek flag fly.  Have fun! 

Have a blast.  It’s so worth it… The real world will be waiting for you on Monday… 

I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.  


an incredibly exhausted and happy Lynn


Looking for Part 1 of my Comic Con adventure?  Look no further than here!  

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